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In the rivers we can still find some, but not many, pairs of otters, which show a great ability in the water trying to find their food: trouts, barbells and rows.

We can also find two of the river's hunters with wings: the aquatic blackbird and king fishers.

A bird in danger of extinction, the black stork, can be seen on the bank of the rivers looking for food. Other very common birds are goshawks, sparrow-hawks, orioles and nightingales, which fill with their sounds the banks of the rivers. Some of the predators set their nest on the top of old trees, so do for example the different kinds of eagles, aasgeiers, and vultures. Some kinds of the last one are disappearing very quickly. At dusk the sounds and the silhouette of the owls announce the mysteries of the night.

Reptiles vinculated with water are the dark-green lizard and the turtles. The most significant amphibians are the salamander, the toads and newts.

The wolf has had a great repercussion in the fantasies and fears of the population during the history of "Las Hurdes". In the present day there are only few of them, all protected by law. In the region we can also see crows, black krites, and a lot more species.

· Pictures from 1 to 4: Pepe Antolín (Grupo DEMA ONG Defensa Medioambiental)

· Picture 5: Pedro Carrera


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