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In the region of "Las Hurdes" exist a lot of festival traditions in which all the region participates.

These traditions have been passed on from generation to generation and still have a big importance in social life nowadays. Each town has a principal celebration, usually dedicated to the patron saint.

Beside this kind of festivities there exist others based on traditions, which are firmly established in many towns of the region. The celebration of Carnival is an example of this kind of celebrations having mainly regional importance. Other festivities are of predominantly ethnographic or cultural importance.

In all the celebrations and festival events the folklore plays a very important role. In each of them the small tambourines, the chirimía ( a traditional instrument of the region), the bagpipes and the castanets will play accompanying the typical dances of the region: los ramos, el sindo, el picau jurdanu, la espiga, valdobino, jota jurdana, la mona, la jaba, la charra, baile de las morcillas, zancos o chancos o la botella.

The open personality of the people as well as the mixture of cultures which have been living in the region throughout its history allowed the creation of own instruments, which also represent the different life-cycles. The natural calendar, very important for a population close related to the agriculture, determines the festival, religious or pagan periods. This calendar is still followed nowadays.

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